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  Where Can You Get Cash?

A regional US Bank, SunTrust, seems to have the only ATM machines at this airport. They also have a full bank branch, located on Side A near the food court and between the JetBlue and AirTran ticket counters.

Other ATM machines are located in out of the way places as well. In fact, three of us walked around the entire airport, and only found 2 more. If you find any others, let us know!

The first one we found was near the security gates on side B, next to the Fox Sports restaurant and under the stairway of the Chili's Too restaurant.

The second ATM is next to Starbucks on the A side, next to a line of sit-down telephone booths.

Here's where we didn't find any., but expected to: the food court, the baggage area, and the ticket counter areas. Not finding area in the baggage area was the most surprising. We expected that a lot of people would want case before leaving the airport, but we didn't see any.

We didn't have a ticket to go anywhere, so we couldn't check the departure areas. We will soon, though.


Most people will have cellphones, but if you need a pay telephone, we found two areas where you won't have to wait. The first is near Starbucks Coffee (see ATM note above). The other is the baggage area, which has a LOT of telephones.

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